Will the release of Kid Ultra come with cheaper LLC loot boxes?

Like what happened with ernest, will the LLC boxes be cheaper (I think they were half off?)?

And if so, would it happen for his early release or his full release, or both!?

I need to know whether to start hoarding my coins if I can buy twice as many once KU is released…

If you have the DLC, I’d reccomend starting making runs now. I’m going to ASAP

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Unless they somehow make it so old Commander Packs don’t contain future DLC Gear (which I think would be a real pain to implement with the current system), hoarding Commander Packs in the lead up to the next DLC Operation is going to be a thing a lot of people will start doing, which is awesome!!

One of my favourite activities in Destiny is preparing for the next DLC drop…Stockpiling Exotic Engrams, ranking all my factions to just short of ranking up, buying 1000s of Weapon/Armor Parts and Heavy Ammo… With this Operation, Battleborn now has something people can do to prepare while waiting for the “next thing”. :heart:

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yep! but my big thing is buying the loot packs for 1900- do you think it should be held off, because it’s going to drive me crazy if they didn’t actually give out a deduction to loot boxes and LLC have many legendaries i have a MIGHTY need for

If you have an LLC character that is good for solo running the Operation, I’d highly recommend doing that first as I’m told you are basically guaranteed a Legendary every time you open one!

Save your credits for when there’s a discount in effect!

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it’s by no mean basically guranteed or anything… i don’t think ive gotten a single legendary yet from a comannder pack (and i’ve been running quite a lot). ISIC is an absolute beast when it comes to solo runs, I’ve consistently had massive scores with him and he has all the kit needed to do the challenges (skill kills, long range shots for snipers, and the ability to kill boom bots before they make it to the jammer)

So it sounds like that’s what I’m going to do then!

There was a hotfix that went live this morning that is turning heads with the drop rates!

OMG… i might have to cave on opening LLC loot packs until I can get a max roll. thanks for the heads up!

Be patient!!! I opened all the dlc packs I had accumulated yesterday and regret it(very mildly. I usually go with my gut about stockpiling packs and look what happened!) they will be so much better when you can get kid ultra swag


WARNING: The Drop-rate buff seems to correspond to the DLC commander lootpacks, not the ones you buy in the command menu. So I would hold off on opening the LLC lootpacks you have been gathering until next week and just open LLC Command Lootpacks that you get from the DLC. :smiley:

Also, I could be wrong and it was buffed all around, but from what I’ve seen, it seems to be just the DLC command packs.


^ This!! Listen to Handsome Jack.

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Ahh yes…If it wasn’t clear, the awesome drop rate is exclusive to the Commander Packs!!

Normal Faction Loot Packs should give slightly better rewards than they used to though.

That said I just got the ONE legendary I’ve been hunting for months via normal LLC Lootpack. I had spent the last 3 hours farming for commander packs and didn’t get it out of those (got a sh*tton of the new LLC Faction Legendary though)

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I should probably change my picture to be more reflective to my traditional internet avatar preferences but am so lazy. And techno deficient. Like I mentioned earlier XD

Being only on my phone does me no services either…

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i have been DYING for an executive insurance policy… as I use a +shield/+shard gen on a lot of characters, i’d be down to pay 750 more shards to get an overshield on full shield, especially for characters like kleese and shayne & aurox. I guess I’m going to hold off on ALL looting- no spending gold, no opening LLC commander packs, and no buying/opening LLC basic gear packs. It will take quite the self-control :confused:

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Yep. The Executive Insurance Policy is the one that I got after hunting for it for like months. It’s not max stats (130shield/1.30Shards) but I’m not gonna complain considering how long I’ve been looking. Those stats aren’t so bad considering how good it is overall.

Happy huntings, friend.