Will their be a borderlands 4?

I hope their will be a borderlands 4 because i am a big fan of borderland and have enjoyed all the games since i was little. It would bring grate joy to me and to all borderlands players to have another borderlands

Technically it would be called Borderlands 3 because the third instillation was the pre sequel, so bl4 would actually be called bl3. But if you really wanted to get technical it could be called either bl5 or bl6 because of tales from the Borderlands and cards against Borderlands.

But according to their vague reports, it is in the early stages of production, despite losing many people who helped make Borderlands Borderlands. While these losses did deal a severe blow, gearbox has recently been blessed with other very good content creators, and they are still looking for more, which could indicate a very big game. The good release that would indicate a well developed game would be 2018, 2019, or even 2020. This all depends on how large they want to go with the game, and what they want to incorporate. People say that battleborn may be testing grounds for the new Borderlands, as they may try out new things like multiplayer and see if they can use it to their advantage and have to leave it out


Hell yes there should be multiple borderlands as long as someone buying them stay makeing them because i will buy everyone and i have everyone except handsome collection and im going get that one maybe next week