Will There Be A 2nd Week / Few Extra Days Of CR For New KU Players?

Ok so I was wondering:

Since, as stated, one of the main reasons that they introduced Chaos Rumble (which i LOVE TO DEATH) for the release of Ernest and then again for Kid Ultra was so as many players per match as wanted to could play the new characters, will there be a second weekend or maybe even whole week to accommodate the non season pass holders / DDE purchasers who will now have access to the new character?

I seem to remember the first Chaos Rumble went from the Thursday Ernest was released on until the end of Sunday a week and a half later.

Thanks in advance @jythri @joekgbx or anyone else who can help enlighten me on this matter.

I just want to play a normal meltdonw match. I miss it so much.


Ive gotten Meltdown FAR more than any other mode thus far in CR.

Literally got Outskirts 3 matches in a row yesterday.

I do miss QM though I wont lie.


I just want a game that has a chance to be balanced. 3 KUs a gali and a thorn is not a match I like. Literally, this is the comp I have gotten 50% of my CR matches. Granted 3/6 is a small sample size. I mainly play PvE when CR comes and I focus on getting lores down and master new characters. I mastered 3 characters and finished 2 other lores this past week.



I guess im a glutton for punishment.

I just looooooove PVP.

23 of 29 (maybe 24?) characters mastered and i think I’ve maybe done 8 of those challenges in Story.

Aside from dialogue, I just find PVE very repetitive / a tad too easy / a bit boring.

PVP offers something new and crazy and fun literally every time, even when the match is terribly imbalanced and you are getting mercilessly stomped.

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A bit unrelated, but I want discounted LLC packs.


Please, just no more. No more multiple kid ultra games. No more.


Iiiii’m helping! Check. My. Sick. Power. Moves!

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I found that any more than 2 KU’s is a waste. Between the 2 of you you have enough drones to keep the team alive but too many KU’s and you lose out on potential damage

Yes! We’re extending it through weekend.

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Excellent, Joe, thank you!

Despite complaints by certain people, I am a huge fan of Chaos Rumble!

Especially with no toxic global chat.

After 600 plus hours, Chaos Rumble and the ensuing madness is such a wonderful breath of fresh air!

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Yea, it’s just like anything else - some people like it and some don’t. We get that, but we feel like it’s fun to bring it back around every now and then, and especially when a new character releases.

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I never see duplicates, actually. My girlfriend gets really annoyed by that, tbh. She loves chaos rumble. But we just get normal meltdown matches lately…

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Aura of Justice stacks though, I’m pretty sure. Five KUs roflstomping gives perma +50% dmg. Is cheese in Capture.

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