Will there be a Classic Multiplayer?

By now it seems fairly obvious to me that the Remastered Collection, though beautiful, has some issues - particularly with HW1 races basically being nerfed to the point of being pretty non-competitive against their HW2 counterparts. Until these issues are resolved (not least of which being the proper incorporation of Sphere Formation), I would rather play Homeworld Classic. The tactics and micro-management of HW Classic are distinct from this newly introduced multiplayer mode, and I was wondering if there will be any servers up to provide support for players who feel more inclined to that version of the game?

No. Multiplayer was disabled completely in the Classic versions.

Guess I’ll have to look for a mod or something. That’s a shame.

It may be possible to enable HW2 multiplayer using a mod.

I have yet to test it, but I can give you a bit of guidance to how it may work out.

How to connect through LAN: download a global LAN client such as Tunngle and set up a network with whoever you want to play. Then host the match in the game and your friend should see the match pop up in the LAN lobby.

But as I said, I have yet to test it.

EDIT: I just tried out inviting another player to the match using the steam internal invite function in the Homeworld Remastered multiplayer and it worked like a charm. You could try that out with the modded classical too, see if you can invite a buddy straight into your lobby match screen.

I mean quite frankly, the remastering is gorgeous, and there’s a lot to like, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Half of the mechanics that made Homeworld 1 what it was are missing because the UI was overhauled. The UI is good-ish for HW2 but even then there are little things about it that I find annoying. I ended up just playing the classic versions of the game because I wanted to play those with an HD skin on it, but instead I got an HD skin and a bunch of changes and bugs I didn’t ask for. And among those changes I didn’t want is this hybrid multiplayer that really seems heavily unbalanced and just a completely different game. Great idea but just doesn’t seem to have been executed properly.

I’m grateful for the purchase, don’t get me wrong, but seriously… Gearbox I hope that the multiplayer is decent by the time it gets out of beta phase, or at the very least we’re allowed to select the classic multiplayer just as easily as we can play the classic campaigns. Do they not realize that they’ve essentially changed Homeworld? And that some of us would prefer the original gameplay to something that, say, can’t even get sphere formation right?

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For HW2, there is the “HW2 Deathmatch” game mode.
No point in HW2 Classic having a multiplayer option if HW2 Deathmatch in HWRM correctly retains the old 1.0.5 balance.

Maybe a program like Hamachi might work.

Please Gearbox, allow the classic versions to have multiplayer. From a HW1 veteran’s point of view, the gameplay is simply better.


The HW1 source code is out there in the wild. You can write your own networking platform for it. GBX is not going to and it’s beyond what should be expected.

Though, GBX might do a takedown if someone did their own release of HW1… They own the rights to that source now, I believe.

Well, Gearbox can’t take down any HomeworldSDL release as these are based on a legit source fork by relic into the wild.

But, with this relic release, only the source code and not the assets were released. So the community can only produce a patch or engine replacement which can only work as complete game when accompanied by the GBX (or relic disc) assets. So, the existence of this source code is not a (commercial) problem/risk for GBX. :slight_smile:

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See that’s exactly the problem. Homeworld 1 veterans are wanting that experience back, and if anyone provides a service for it they’ll likely be lawyered to the ground.

I agree. Someone mentioned that it’s fine for HWRM when it comes to HW2, but the balances and changes have rendered the HW1 ships and races nothing more than fancy tassels on the bike handles. Sure they look pretty, but they do not function competitively or how we remember them.


“likely be lawyered to the ground.”

No, they would not. There is no legal ground for that, confirmed by GBX: “The license agreement for the original release of the source still stands.”, BurlesonGBX Date: 5 Sep 2013

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I really really hope somebody does this. The ONLY reason I bought this remaster was to play homeworld 1 again online. I do not care whether it’s with fancy graphics or not, I just want to play with original game play that we all know and love.

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Eh it’s quite a lot of work.

Programmers seldom want to revisit old things except for learning/practice.
Like, I’d much rather spend the time making HW3 or something like it than writing new netcode and a new multiplayer platform than HW1.

HW1 source has been out there for more than 3 years and no one has done it yet. Doubt they will in the future.

You’re free to try yourself.


I would’ve been happy just being able to play the original game with my friends again. The graphics were just icing on the cake.

The net code exists already and people can play it now via Game Ranger. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Then maybe they should have just left Homeworld alone, as far as Homeworld 1 is concerned it’s not running how the vast majority of original homeworlders would like. And if they aren’t prepared to recreate what the original homeworld was like, then maybe they should call it a “remake” instead of a “remaster”. As currently it’s not the game we were playing on 10-15 years ago.

As for me being free to try it myself… my modding skills go as far as the original mission man for map making, so there isn’t much hope there.

I have actually shelved this game for now, until they bring the game play somewhere close to what the original game played I probably won’t play it again. I did try to get into hw2 (again) but the game is lame, it’s not even half the game that the original was. The original was so diverse as to the different strategies you could do it literally NEVER got boring. There were many people that had signature strategies, like swarmers, wallers and cappers. And these were the things that made this game so damn FUN to play. Most of the games in Homeworld 2 are either a rush to a BC or a chuck more meat at it sort of strat, either of which is lame.

Anyway, I will be lurking these forums in the hope they drastically overhaul or give us the original Homeworld, but you will not find me in game any time soon. This post is a little bit longer than I originally intended it to be, but I am genuinely gutted they didn’t give us the same or very similar experience the original gave, it was unique and still would have shined to this day.

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"HW1 source has been out there for more than 3 years and no one has done it yet. "

The opposite is true. First, the HW1 source code is out for 12 years and was fast ported to Mac.

Then, there was much activity, patches, engine redesigns (e.g. taking out x86 specific stuff) and more ports (linux, x64, pandora, Maemo…) latest one android (video here!)

PS: it would be great if GBX would “canonize” Homeworld SDL (proper relicensing) and would use it also as codebase for an Android release (bonus content for the Remastered edtion? Stand-alone?). Could be I think a great marketing stunt for GBX :wink: (…or if GBX would just allow beloko to do that)

Ah. I had no idea! Surprised I never heard of that.

But still no one has made a new multiplayer platform, so it replies on gameranger/hamachi, no?