Will there be a companion app?

Loads of big games these days have companion apps to go with the games, so will there/should there be one to go with borderlands 3?

Don’t know since I don’t play other games.
How do they work, what to wxpect from a companion app?

I would have preferred the vip program to be an app already.

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The one I’m most familiar with is the destiny app but others exist. It allows you to change weapons/armour, transfer gear between characters, shows stats and stuff. It has an integrated forum and a news page with stuff from the dev team.

I used the fallout one too which basically worked as a pip boy and meant you didn’t have to go into the menus for stuff.

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Sounds good. Sometimes I think of stuff I have to do, but am not home, changing gear that way would be cool.

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Yeah it would let you prep your game session from work or wherever and then as soon as you log in it’s all how you want it and ready to go. It would cut out all that return to sanctuary to use claptraps locker stuff we had in B2.


As there’s one for BL2, I’m sure there will be one for BL3, but I imagine you’re looking for an actual sanctioned one, and not the verboten thing that shall not be named here.



…I’m sending you a PM :laughing:

I didn’t realise there was one for b2 guessing it’s 3rd party pc only though from your post.

Yeah I was hoping for an official one that works on all platforms.

Warframe’s got one that lets you craft stuff (provided it doesn’t need a weapon to craft like AkLex Prime), deploy extractors, pet your Kavat/Kubrow (if they’re not in stasis), check the news and alerts, and preview your loadouts before you log in. It’s also valid for all platforms, since the app is used on your cellphone/tablet.

Unrelated Q: if I LOVE Borderlands, would I at least like Warframe? Saw it mentioned a few times as another looter/shooter, so curious a bit.

Randy already said that there won’t be one because they want to concentrate on finishing the game.

This was awhile back, I think in April, on his Twitter. I see if I can find the link somewhere.

Edit: Found it: https://twitter.com/DuvalMagic/status/1118500831840460800 (it is talking about Borderlands Legends specifically)

Would be cool though if they would release something after shipping the game.

If like a companion app for VIP. But one for the game would be nice.

Warframe is, I admit, rather grindy. The majority of weapons have to be crafted and the “classes” (called Warframes) have to be crafted as well.

I can’t really describe the game itself properly. You’d probably want to try the game out yourself and go over the wiki.

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Borderlands 3 would benefit greatly from an official companion app similar the the Destiny ones mentioned above. Moving gear between mules would be so much less of a pain that way!

It is desperately needed.

Modeled after ishtar for destiny

Add in the mail functionality and it would be great

List toons, loot, and bank/ backpacks.

i would love one. if only that it would allow me to see what i have in my vault. would make trading so much easier. if i want to trade i will have to go into my vault and check manually. what if i want to trade with someone on discord who lives in another timezone? it would mean i would need to be on at the same time the other player would be on. i don’t even mind the switching gear thing. i won’t even ask for that. it would be nice. but i’m not about to push my luck and ask for more. i just want the ability to see what i have so i can trade with people easier.

also the idea that i can get updates from the gearbox team without relying on checking my email. thats dope. i would love to be able to get notifications on a app regarding shiftcodes/events/future things.