Will there be a fix for choppy framerates in BL2 on xbox1?

Let me say there are alot of areas where BL2 on xbox1 runs absolutely smooth with 60fps, but there are also alot of areas where the framerate is terrible , sometimes goes to nearly unplayable. Something i don’t understand is that the mainstories endfight against the warrior in this huge room with magma and such runs smooth , but entering bloodshot stronghold with its whirlpool produces such low fps. There are alot of different effects which seem to affect the framerate badly like fire barrels with smoke, some gore-effects, the water -effects in bloodshot stronghold and more. I played the DLC with the Hyperius boss with a friend, i just joined his game for the bossfight and it seemed the framerate was all the way around 30 , i was a bit disappointed, because i was not able to see why the framerate should be constantly around 30. But it was not as choppy as bloodshot stronghold.

At least my question is … will we see another performance patch for BL2 handsome collection? or some graphics options where we can disable or adjust graphic-effects for smooth gameplay? oh and will it ever be possible to disable controller-vibration completeley? Oh beside that – the FoV could be a bit wider ( what about a slider in the options menue ), a friend if mine is not able to play BL because of the FoV – motion sickness only in BL2 HSC, he can play any other shooter ( example destiny ) for hours without any problems.

Disclaimer! Beside my framerate complaint i just want to say – thank you gearbox for the borderland games, it’s highly visible how much love the gearbox-team put into all aspects of the game.