Will there be a fourth season of VIP?

And other content, like skins etc…Or i can finally spend my points on the things that i want, not worrying about anything that will be released later and i wont be able to buy it ? Would be nice to have an official answer.

Pretty sure the VIP will continue after BL3 comes out too, so I would assume it will.

It would be nice if they continue to add some free skins etc, but im talking about pre-release. I don’t want to spend points on the weapon for the game, that i won’t play again. I got 3 from season weaponizers, 1 from pack and buyed 3 for borderlands 3, so i need last one for the shiny maliwan legendary.

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You need 8 claims from season 1-3.

I know that, but i don’t want to claim one for an old game, that i probably won’t play anymore. But If i would know, that they won’t release any VIP content until release, then i of course will buy one
without a second thought.

I’m pretty sure that’s all we have, no new rewards will be added to seasons 1-3.

The reward for playing within 14 days of release counts as one of 8 weapons I’m pretty sure

I see what you are saying Lontral. I too would not want to buy the last weapon from an old game just to get the Maliwan for BL3. I would rather buy another VIP gun for BL3 if they are going to release any more before the game comes out… but obviously if they are not going to release anymore before the game then I will buy one from the old games.

Im pretty sure that this one already counted when you complete the survey, it was my first and only gun towards maliwan legendary for months :smiley:

Yeah bro :beers: Even shields and class mods would be ok, if they are for BL3 and count towards legendary.

Dang, i was really counting on that to save me points too, guess I’m in the same boat now.

honestly im the same boat, ill probably just bite the bullet and get an old gun to get the new one. i have to run my buddy through bl2 anyways

Il try to wait and buy it few days,before the release. Il hope they will release something else, that worth spending 4000 points or even more. Or we will get an official info update about this matter.

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I doubt that.