Will there be a special edition to pre order as well?

I was just curious to ask if a special edition will be released so i can wait for that instead

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That question was already “answered” on another thread:
Pre-Ordering: Will there be any sort of a Limited Edition or Collector’s Edition?

thank you very much for the response. i tried looking through the forums to see if anyone had asked but i didnt find a discussion so i figured id ask before i buy into the game now instead of for a special collectors edition. i feel like they will release one.

I personally want a bunch more info about past-launch support like free new characters and gamemodes, before i buy/preorder it. Last year I got slapped with The Crew, but at least they picked up the slack now. Also i feel like there should be purchasable items. Maybe there are, but i couldn’t find anything that would confirm or deny it.

I just want to preorder the game to gain the beta access when that is launched but i want to wait if there will be a speical edition or not. i already can tell from all the videos ive watched myself and my friend group are going to love the gameplay and game itself.

Beta access is bound to preordering? Doesn’t sound like an “open” beta to me. Where did you get that info? :confused:

it was in one of the videos i saw. i dont know exactly how true that is oviously

i literally watched every video about the game youtube has posted so its in one of those. i apologize i cant be more informative about which

Time to watch them again. I guess in one of the interviews.

it could be early access to the open beta is what you get for preordering.

I think they will. The real question is what will come with it?

Stick around the forums. we’ll probably be the first to know. :grinning:

well hopefully we find out soon cause i wanna pre order it while i have the funds to do so but i dont wanna miss out on getting the special edition if there is one

Found it!

it’s about 6 mins into the video

Hm. He only said that the Beta would be more open as it progresses. So i guess preorder first, then people that already got shift Accounts and then open.

Please do not pre-order, by pre-ordering you’re telling them you have faith that their product will come out as a quality nearly bug free product.

For the last year nearly every game (I’m including other companies in this statement) has come out with bugs that were fairly obvious that they didn’t bother to fix.

Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Saints Row (re-release) Borderlands Handsome Collection, Witcher 3 (granted they’ve been very responsive to fixing glitches, downloading 21gb in patches thus far is just ridiculous) have all been released in poor working condition.

I’m sick of it, I’m sick of 7 GB zero day patches that shouldn’t exist.

I’m done throwing money to them in advance for these games that don’t even get ran through quality assurance.

From here on out I will not pre-order any game and if I can help myself (probably won’t be able to resist bl3) I will wait a couple of months so the patches have been released and the major bugs ironed out.

I certainly can’t tell you what to do with your money but this zero day patch behavior and buggy releases that are half functional won’t stop unless we the consumer send a message.


Gearbox is a pretty new company, concerning own releases. I haven’t heard of any major bugs in Borderlands 1 or 2. Ubisoft or EA are known for broken games though. It depends on what the preorder gives and how much the people value it. Right now I’m neutral about Gearbox, although the oh-so-good communication with the community isn’t really noticable on this forum.

Interesting statement, i don’t know what you mean by “own releases” (Considering Gearbox never self-published) but Gearbox made Opposing Forces, which was released in 99.
Some of the peoples who will play Battleborn will probably be as old as Gearbox itself.

(Now i want an Adrian Shephard skin for Oscar Mike…)

Evil Advocates and Ubisoft are Publishers. Gearbox is a Developer, 2K is the Publisher, don’t mix it up.

I gotta stick up for @Jythri (Randy v.) and say that’s just not true, from what i’ve seen gbx makes time for their peeps (, mostly for puns), to tease new on info and make clarifications. Read more topics in the Battleborn thread and you’ll see he makes time for the community. More that any other forum i’ve been on anyways. :smile:


To be honest, Warframe have the most dedicated devs when it come to communication (Devblog, random stuff on the forum, etc)
But it’s a bit different, considering Warframe is a self-published free-to-play from a veteran dev team.

and it’s not in major development.
so i’d assume they probs have more time.

that said the idea for a devblog is a good one. :wink:
any more info would be greatly appreciated.
(like just update the website already! gosh darn it!)