Will there be a Splitscreen for PC

Right now im owning the PC version of Boderlands… Little did i know that the … Splitscreen mode is only for Console (where its laggy) . Will there be an Splitscreen Mode for Pc.
If yes i will ceep the game if not im going to refund it.

Happy Looting Hunters

i would be very very surprised if the add splitscreen for PC

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Yeah, considering how much work that would mean and how difficult it is, according to Paul Sage, i also would be surprised.

So from my side, a clear no.

I had written up a way to do this in Borderlands 2 years ago on Reddit. It was basically running two executables of thw game on two different monitors second pkayer used an xbox controller first player m+kb. I dont think this will work nicely with the Epic launcher tie in but if someone’s willing to experiment maybe? I bought it on PS4 this go around.

Yep thats basicly what im doing but with a paid software, that simulates 1 pc as 2

Guys what ever these dev told you they lied. I Managed to get splitscreen working with 90 fps on two seperate Monitors. Dont believe the ■■■■ they tell you. Just google How to play Boderlands 3 in Splitscreen on PC. Open the reddit post and follow the steps . Tada 2 player 1080p 90 fps splitscreen ofc it has its restrictions like only one player can have sound but since its local anyway i never had problems

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