Will there be a Trade opition?

I really enjoy battleborn. In this game, we should have a choice to trade. Wouldn’t be awesome to have? being able to trade between our friends and other players. Swapping gear for gear, trading legendaries/epic gear/rare gear for things we would actually use… what are your thoughts on this? I hope in the future we have a update for it :\


It would be nice if there was something to do with duplicate legendaries other than just selling them for 250 credits yeah D:

i have 4 stable executioners would love to trade them away :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there’s a Q&A somewhere that implied there would be no Trading. They want the gear to be secondary and seemingly not “necessary”. The minute you open a trading system for gear, then the gear becomes much more valuable and it’s importance skyrockets. Not to mention all the potential exploits.

What I would :heart: LOVE :heart: to see, though: Item Disenchanting. Really want that H3NCHM4N’S Regulator or whatever? For 50 commons (or whatever), you can get it.

Maybe even throw in a reroll system? Did you get awful stats on that legendary? 3000 (or whatever) credits to reroll it.

I like this idea, but I like the trade idea too. I’ve killed Hylis countless times and still haven’t got one of his legendaries, he has four in his loot pool and IMO the best pool in the game but the RNG gods do not favour me :frowning:

i got 4 executioners you want one oh wait…:frowning:

Lol that’s actually the only one I don’t want xD

I don’t use gunners but if I did I’d prefer Vyn’s Quiver, -recoil is virtually unnoticeable but a slow every 10 seconds is worth 1,800 shards.

Edit: Wait is the Stable Executioner the one with the slow or the critical chance? There are a few matching “sets” and I get some of them confused lol

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yes, I’m all for trading and the other system mentioned.

Does anyone know where we can find out the boss drops loot pool?

-17% recoil +7% crit damege 7% chance for non crits to do crit damage tbh this plus mag demon with lifesteal brooch on isic makes for an unstoppable troll

Ah yes the crit one, got confused with the stock counterpart to Vyn’s Quiver.

You run triple legendary? I seldom run one lol

always run three leggeys go ahead im ready for the hate but yo uknow what warlord nix,s shard generator isnt that bad and covers a good amount of the cost

I think what may be holding it up is the entire concept with the Inventory server.
This will dramatically increase the activity on the database hits.

I don’t see the point in running legendary shard gear, 1,800 shards to generate shards seems wasteful and redundant IMO. The Plasmite Transducer would be excellent on a tank though.

eh some of its good like the insurance policy and the veil the more i think about it the more i wish we could trade shards in game would make running 3 shard generators and yes you can do that since they are some that arnt shard gear pieces that still generate them but it would make for an interesting set up

Since virtual marketplaces ruined alot of games & their meta, I´d suggest a “Give-Away to user X” option.

This way we could “trade” with friends, similar as item-exchange worked in BL:TPS, just on a wider bases.
It would be great if it would work in a way that we just need the gamertag/username to send an item to another players bank. In TPS you had to be in party to trade/exchange, this way we could trade with everyone on the same platform.

This would mean that any send item is a gift(!!!) with no certain exchange value. It would depend on the recipient if he/she sends something back. (Communication is everything here!)

For me this would be the best option. I don´t care for credits or gear that much, I just want to give my unused legendries to other players who are desperate to get them :heart:
Hell, I don´t even use my VoxisCore…