Will there be another patch?

I know we got a huge patch a couple of years back but will we get another one that hardcodes all the remaining Hot Fixes and maybe sorts out some of the other outstanding issues e.g. the audio glitch in the Tundra Express map :slight_smile:?

Gonna try to revive this thread in the hopes that someone from Gearbox skims these forums and jots down notes.

Tundra Express fix would be super nice, considering they acknowledged the issue over a year ago. A lighting slider under video options would also be nice, because the lens flare in this game is ridiculous.

I get that the gears of Borderlands 3 are beginning to turn, and I believe Battleborn recently got some DLC, but these are issues I’ve seen people talking about since 2015.

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Is there anyway to can flag this thread so the Devs take notice of it and give us a response?

Pretty sure there isn’t, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a community manager lurks around and reports threads like this to those it needs to get to.

Would it be possible for @Jythri or @JoeKGBX to stop by and comment on this please :slight_smile:?

I’ve never been a part of the Borderlands support team. I’m the creative director on Battleborn. Don’t think I can help you with this.

I don’t imagine it would be beyond you to contact someone who it is relevant to though and have them check out the thread.