Will there be any DLC in the future

I know that this game has a mother-load of content already, but does anyone know if there will be any DLC added to it? Like even just another level cap increase? Cuz it should. I CANNOT get enough Borderlands.

Not sure but I sure do hope because I love borderlands!

I really would love more content too. Borderlands games thrive on multiple story DLCs as a way to vary your experience of the game. For example, in Borderlands 2 you could go take a break and kill piratey guys for a bit. Or go to a tropical island for the son of Crawmerax. Or a wild D&D influenced experience with Tiny Tina’s dlc.

So I’m really hoping they add more to the Pre Sequel. I cycle back and forth from the claptastic voyage and the main game and between my level 62 Jack and my level 46 Lady Hammerlock and my other characters in progress as a way to vary my experience.

We’ve been all over this topic in other threads though about season passes, what’s included, whether or not Randy’s statements on twitter from almost a year ago or other places are accurate. But when it comes down to it, I think all of us would just love to see some more story content. So, they should make it. Head hunter packs would be welcome. Or another full story of course.

  • Borderlands 2: 4 DLC campaign, 2 characters, 1 arena and some mini DLC.
  • Borderlands TPS: 1 DLC campaign, 2 characters, 1 arena.
    Indeed, in TPS, it is very difficult to go up to level 72 with only 1 DLC campaign.

The only acceptable HC DLC to me would be Remastered Borderlands 1. :smiley:

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Music to my ears.

Only if they upgraded to the minimap of bl2, auto ammo pickups and the more graphical bl2 menus.

I started with bl2 then tried bl1 and while I liked it the lack of a map and graphical interfaces were a huge turn off for me.

I think more dlc content depends on how well handsome collection sold. I could see one more dlc for tps but I think that’d be the end of it.

I could see them adding more but I rather them spend time/ resources on Borderlands 3 (though I wouldn’t mind BL1 Remastered).

The fact that they added a disclaimer stating that the Handsome Collection would include all DLC released for PreSequel as of the date Handsome Collection was released makes me think they were at least considering more DLC of some sort. Why add that disclaimer otherwise? Just say “Both games include all DLC”

You give me a little hope MegatonA :smiley:

The studio that made the presequel closed today. I don’t think we will get any more dlc for it unless another developer steps in (not really sure how they handle that stuff)