Will there be more Collector's Edition of BL3? USA Xbox One

As the title implies, I am wondering about that.

Hopefully before launch day it does.

If not, I guess I’ll settle with the Super Deluxe Edition.

Thank you.

If you’re talking about the diamond loot chest with all the plastic crap in it your best bet is gonna be going to a physical store location to pre order. This is what I ended up having to do as I like plastic crap.

I dont think they will make anymore than what they already have slated

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Yeah, that’s the one. The Diamond Loot Chest.

When I went to a Game Stop store, they said they are sold out and will have to hope for more to arrive in stock.

If what you say is true, then I guess my luck with the Diamond has run out.

I’ll buy the Super Deluxe Edition now.

Thank you for the help.

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