Will there be more Infos about Alani before her release?

Hey quick Question, in April in a News about Battleborn there was mentioned that we would get more Infos about Alani before the release of the game so, did I miss something ?^^
I couldnt find any new Information about her.

I can’t wait for Alani to be released and I would love to hear some more news and information about her.

No new information on her yet, unfortunately, we just know that she’s an Eldrid, a healer, and that she has water-based abilities. Everything else about her should come out closer to her release, I’d suspect, most likely in a few weeks.

Gearbox hasn’t said anything about the timespan the five new characters (or the DLC packs, for that matter,) will be releasing, but that information will likely be given in due time.

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A dev actually mentioned in a reddit post that she is to come next week? If I remember correctly.

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Oh, that’s interesting! Will have to do some digging for that post, but that’s certainly good news. I’ll post the source here if I find it then, I suppose. Provide some confirmation for that tidbit.

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I hope she’s coming relatively soon. We need more characters who can actually heal (glares at Ambra and her awkward off-heals). In all honesty though, we need more healers. Having Miko be the only legitimate healer makes it so every successful PvP team basically NEEDS him. I feel it’s a bit broken.

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Hey, you go ahead and pick the fungus freak… don’t come crying to my never ending sun spots when you need the WHOLE TEAM healed. -__-

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But Miko has his mushroom and the regenerative aura helix which lets him heal everyone around him with his biosynthesis. Miko just has so many more forms of legitimate, long lasting healing. I want more of that :’(

Also, sun spots don’t last very long until later on in the helix.

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OoOoOoOoO BURN! :scream: :joy:

Get it? Sun spots? Ambra? Burn?

…I’ll show myself out lol


Her last mutation is for level 3, and lets her use her beam to keep a sunspot going forever (or until too many people are interacting with it and you can’t keep up). As long as you can hold the line, I can keep the heals flowing all day all night.

P.S. Nice Shinobido. lol

They showed some of her power animations and other visuals at Pax East, which was just before launch.