Will there be more SHIFT codes?

I think this has been the longest gap yep between new TPS shift codes for golden keys.

I love golden keys because it saves me having to sort through my badly organized mule toons when i need quality gear fast.

Will there be more, do you guys think?

Or have we seen the end of support / promotion for this beautiful little game we all love?

Hard to believe they would drop shift codes when they just released the handsome collection a little over a month ago?

Besides new codes were just released yesterday according to orcz golden key list for tps.

I don’t see shift code support being dropped anytime soon and I would imagine if they stopped issuing new codes they’d patch bl2 and tps to allow unlimited access to the golden chest.

There are new ones?!?

Sweet, thsnks!

Be awesome if gearbox would give us shift code for lady fist and moxxis hartbreaker too, because with 2k aus . Shutting down we prob. Won’t be getting any more holiday events.

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they released 3 shift codes for a total of 11 keys!!! in the last 12 hours.

the Heartbreaker would complete my Hyperion only Doppelganger. i hardly find any good fire weapons on him. the Lady Fist would probably be too OP, i guess.

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People found them both in code of tps. I think gearbox was going to have them drop during certain holiday events like the Jack o cannon and ol’painful. But with the closing of 2k. aus. it would be awesome if they put out shift codes for them. Because I don’t think any holiday events are coming…