Will there be observer slots/mode and replay saving

Hi there fellow Homeworld fans and GB software.

There are two features that a lot of MP players found missing in the orginal series. The first was observer slots for spectating the matches in real time. Second - saving replays for reference and general enjoyment. Are they implemented to the beta or maybe on a planned feature list?

Can’t wait!

If it possible to make easy spectator mode , it would be nice, and option to save replays is must have feature! It would help a lot to make and edit nice videos. Just imagine, after battle you can watch recorded replay and then capture some nice stuff from different angles or other player perspective. :scream:

Yes please! I want to watch my friends die! I mean… uh…

I also agree - spectator mode would be wonderful in MP.


I’d definitely love to see a Spectator Mode.

yeah, I love the spectate system in DotA 2, but that system has got a fair bit or server requirements, don’t much care for the twitch thing at all, mostly because it requires a really nice internet connection for all parties involved and I for one am lacking. Also it doesn’t even offer the glorious 4K resolution that my machine can render and display.

the problem with Homeworld matches is the long nature of some matches, you would need to delay so that spectators are not revealing strategies to one side or the other. DotA2 has i think a 2 min delay because strategies can change that fast. but homewold as I remember was not the fastest multiplayer matches and strategies take time to come to fruition, so probably a 15 or even 20 min delay might be necessary. dunno if spectating live(delayed) matches will be possible/practical. may be stuck with replays. hopefully those files will be shareable in some fashion.

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Yes please. I don’t even mind if it’s patched in later. HW2 had traces of a replay system, but it was not implemented into the final version.
For a very good spectator system in RTS, just look at SC2.

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+1, being able to observe games is always a great feature to have.

You could always do what we did in HW1 and the odd man out SS’s everything at the start. The dead person would then have full view of the map just like a spectator.

Yeah there are always ways to make it work, but wouldn’t you like just having a proper spectator feature, while being able to run 4v4’s?

Spectator feature could not be a live feed, but would require at least a 5 minute delay so no cheating happens. You KNOW friends are going to be on chat with people, watching their games.

If people are that paranoid about cheating, then don’t enter a match that allows them. In other games that have them, I’m sure there is less cheating than people think. Honestly, if you’re not scouting yourself and need your friend to help, you’re not that good anyhow lol.

This is a modern RTS, I’d be surprised if spectating wasn’t a thing.

Spectators and voice comms leads to “Angel on your shoulder”, but in HW it doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as it did in other games and genres.

+1 to spectators, mashed tators and fried tators.