Will there be region lock for multiplayer?

So seeing how Blizzard manages multiplayer their games (separate progress for US, EU and Asia), I wonder if BB will be have the same thing for regions.

My question is,

Do I need to purchase separate copies of the game in order to be able to play with Americans and Europeans or is the game simply a one buy deal for all regions like Borderlands?


It would be quiet sad if I had to buy a US-version to play with american friends :fearful:

Well, since I´m on XBox I guess we consoleros can play with anyone on PS/XBox-live, but for PC-gamers it would be cool to choose a region before matchmaking.
Well, it would be rather cool for all of us to choose a region upfront when starting multiplayer sessions!

Think of it, when I´m awake at 4pm in the night I could just click for “US” and play with friends who are still up^^
Also it would be rather nice for people with laggy internet connection. Sometimes (at ME3-multiplayer) lags get unbearable for either me or my teammembers if we live to far apart.

But, even if I have no knowledge about progamming and stuff, I´m sure its not realizable on all platforms, maybe not even on one of them… would be cool though^^

I would really love an official response before I buy the game. I don’t plane on playing Overwatch or any future Blizzard game because of that.

Understandable! Well, as said I´m sure for consoles you can play with people no matter the region.
As for PC I guess its something you can adjust/manage with Steam? Not sure though… In the CTT I played with people from everywhere, thisfore I assume its worldwide like Boderlands was.

Mhh, lets summon someone wiser, maybe it helps. OHHH mighty @Jythri , will coop-gameplay/matchmaking be regionally?

I thought the CTT wasn’t region locked, but there are dedicated servers all over the place. The game probably is going to try and provide the best experience for you. So it would likely connect you with a server near your location because of low ping.

Maybe @sssmg could give some insight. I did see Scott post a seminar from Jon Shiring,Lead engineer on Titanfall . in their game you could select your dedicated server because of clan matches. So east coast or west coast didn’t have an advantage because of a lower ping as you could select a server in central USA. this way both clans have somewhat the same ping.

The game will run on Gearbox’ own servers, not through Steam. I believe you can talk to anyone else through the Steam’s chat system regardless of region, which imo is one of the great things about Steam, but it is a separate service, and only provides game connectivity for co-op style play (where I believe the game essentially runs on a host player’s system).

And, yeah, I think having a drop-down menu that allows you to select any region you want to play in is a plus for any game. It would be nice to play Battleborn with our Aussie friends if we so chose. :smile: That being said I can understand why a company would lock down regions for PvP matches - especially if it has an eye on making it about serious e-sport competition. It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me personally because I think there may be good reasons for it, but it wouldn’t be my preference.