Will there be ways to increase VIP points later

Im short a few thousand for a skin and the multiple heads but got all the 8 guns needed.
just wondering if there will be rewards granted for watching streams or playing the game after release

They don’t seem to be stopping. Last three days, 3 email codes worth 1000 each. Xbox has a promo to get 10000 for buying certain movies… I think you’ll be okay.

i didnt get the 3 email codes for 1k only the one that had ducttape

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There should be more codes. I entered all I could and barely got the 8 guns. I still want all the skins stuff though. But I barely have any points left. :frowning:

all i need is heads now. might work for zanes and fl4k first

I’m VIP since April. Got 9 guns (5 were bought), 2 skins and 33k points left. (If I would want, I can have another ~5k points but I’m lazy :grin:)

I didn’t know about VIP until yesterday lol

Unblinkingeye Jabber & Itshere will net you 1000 points each. All email codes.