Will There Ever Be A New Full Length Incursion / Meltdown-y PVP Mode?

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I tagged Jythri and Joe in this, but let’s speculate:

Do you think there will ever be a new full length (5 on 5, 30 minute matches) PVP mode in the vein of Meltdown / Incursion released for Battleborn?

Or has that ship sadly sailed?

Is it too late?

Should it have happened already?

Please discuss.

unless we get content past the first season/batch

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Probably too late, and it is all because of the error they made in not sticking to the trial queues they had in June/July. I believe that if they had stayed with the competitive and casual queues when they switched to it battleborn would be in a better position today. I had seen plenty of evidence around the web that more players liked that system than the original. But a few players (and I mean very few really) had spoken out loud and spammed it everywhere that it was converted back. Well that costed them the PC community and when they converted back they used very very loose skill based matchmaking.

Not having the skill based matchmaking that was used in the competitive queue caused the issues with new or unexperienced players to get matched horribly and demolished. This caused the mass exodus from the game and prevented new players from picking it up.

Now we have two queues and neither one uses any skill based matchmaking because we don’t even have enough players now to actually use one. Gearbox has to do something drastic if they want to save the game, or they could do something more reasonable from a business perspective and move onto something else that will make them money.


There is skill based matchmaking on everywhere but PC, where having matchmaking would be pointless where we are.

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We do? because I only get about 1 match a week where it is not a steamroll, and from the last time they mentioned how they did skill based after the revert they basically said that really the match making is only keeping the top 25% from playing the bottom 25%. That isn’t really matchmaking, shoot that barely helps the stomping grounds.


It’s not much but to say there is no skill based matchmaking in place would be erroneous

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There absolutely is skill based matchmaking going on. The system takes the least skilled players and matches them against the most skilled players.



Ain’t that the truth!

If the playerbase was bigger, the ELO might actually function properly. In my opinion, the entire lobby needs to be overhauled and then things would work better.

I will say, just because this new mode is 3 vs 3, what makes you think the matches won’t be lengthy? I’m more disappointed that they’re reusing the capture maps. What a cop out.

Also, do we have any details on the other new mode yet?


I guessi hadnt thought that far ahead…do you thnk there’d be enough for two 3 man squads to do in a half hour match type?

I think there’d definitely be enough.

Won’t know until it comes out. It’s points based so I figure it’ll be like Meltdown where sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it’s not.

We’re all still talking about the mode AFTER face off right?

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I lol’d pretty hard

I’m talking about face off. I don’t know anything about the other mode.

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The next one (this thursday) Face off is 5 vs 5, 15 minute matches, on capture maps, both teams killing Varelsi for their masks and then depositing them at a central point while trying to stop the other team from doing so.

The PVP mode AFTER face off has been confirmed to be 3 vs 3 but fhat’s all we know.

Oh, right. I was misrembering that face off is 5 vs 5. Regardless, I don’t doubt a 3 vs 3 could go for thirty minutes. However, I personally prefer the shorter game modes and it’s one of the many things I dislike about Incursion.

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