Will there ever be a target dummy, like in 2?

So after farming for how every many hours and getting nearly 40+ unique legendaries, someone of their effects arent noticable simply by shooting a wall and Id love a faster to test what these weapons and grenades do, and going to an area full of enemies with an inventory full of weapons isnt exactly practical.

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Yes please. Also a dummy we can melee


There’s a gun range onboard Sanctuary.

There is a shooting range yes, but it doesnt have damage numbers, crits and all the potential important stuff for unique weapons


I so much hope for this. After BL2 where you sadly had only a flesh target, I expected a new shooting range with 3 targets, flesh, shield, and armour. But instead, it’s gone completely.

I always wondered about the 2 empty “slots” in BL2’s shooting range and I suspect there actually were those 3 types there in development/play test builds.

If there’s any chance, please Gearbox add a shooting range like that.


There’s a target dummy in 2?

where have I been?!

They added them in a presequel dlc, it’s not as if it’s something they’ve never done before. Fingers crossed we’ll get it at the Maliwan takedown thingy.

I’m sure we will get some training dummies eventually BUT my only guess as to why they haven’t added them yet or maybe are hesitant is probably because they don’t want people to use them to level up/farm

I remember playing Borderlands2 and after 3 characters or so I just quickly got through the storyline to get to the last mode (UVHM?) and then I just killed the training dummy over and over and over again for like 15hrs to get 72. I believe I did Maya/Krieg/Zero legit but then all the other characters I didn’t feel like doing all that grinding again so just used the dummy to power level myself.

But I do agree OP that I wish we had some sort of test dummy. I have so many blue unique guns with red flavor text and I’m shooting the walls in Sanctuary to try and get a “feel” for what the gun is supposed to do and I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out what is special about some of these guns.
Would be nice if there was a dummy that could shoot you for a bit of damage as well so I could test out some of the shields. I also have so many blue unique shields that I don’t know what they are supposed to do either. I tried looking a few up on the Borderlands wiki but I can’t find them. Game is too new I guess.