Will there never be split screen improvements?

I know they said it would take resources to do… but man, I mean, that really needs to become a better experience. It’s great that it’s in there, really I wouldn’t play battleborn without it… but I’d say go ahead and spend the resources on it… winter update is fixing a lot, after that, please fix split screen… then onto new heros, ops, maps, modes…

People have been asking for this since alpha and beta. It won’t be corrected, the player base shrunk too much and the game has been widely reguarded as a flop. I’m sure most resources are focused on Borderlands 3 and making it not suck. Sorry mate.

Well… bummer. I’m still happy it’s in there. And it’s not as watered down as Battlefront’s no online split screen… but it still feels like a sad spot in an otherwise incredible game :frowning: