Will they allow a player mod that get all 12 players to play both games?

Was in a teamspeak channel from a mmo , Some people almost got it to work from what i over heard . If they get it to work will gearbox allow it ? I am ps4 , from what heard they got to work some with some freezes on the pc. be badass if those guys and gals do it . just wonder if us console users can use it . When they get it working.

Highly doubt we’d see it on consoles. Though I’d love to play as any BL2 or TPS class in either game!

Well, 2 of the Pre-Sequal folk are dead. so probably 10 out of the 12?

Fight Wilhelm with Wilhelm… Sounds legit. I don’t think it would ruin anything.

It would be hard since there is no cryo, butt slams and lasers so many of the skill trees would have to be changed. Not to mention it would completely break lore.

But at the same time would be fun as hell non the less since the vault hunters from TPS are awesome. The only way I can see it working is somebody going through a “simulation” to recap the events of BL2.

They can’t recap the events of Borderlands 2 in the pre sequel because the pre sequel happens first. But honestly if they said screw lore and put all the BL2 characters in the pre sequel I would be happy. If they went further and put the pre sequels characters into BL2 and maybe added cryo and laser weapons that would be awesome. As for Oz kits vs relics just keep them respective to their games, only bad thing will be like 2 butt slam skills in the whole game (wilhelms and athenas)