Will they bring back Eridian weapons from BL1?

Just something i’ve been wondering but i really liked the Eridian weapons in BL1. They were really powerful (even though they were Green in rarity), had infinite ammo and unique animations when fired and were really fun to use. And i also liked the mystery behind not knowing who the manufacturers were aside from a race called the Eridians. It would be nice if they brought these weapons back and possibly added shields, grenades etc from them as well.

Also, it would be great if they introduced us to the Eridians at some point too, be it BL3 or a DLC etc. Maybe we could travel to their planet via Sancutary 3 or even just having a really weird encounter like an alien abduction event or something i think that’d be fun as a DLC possibly for sure.

Anyway what do you guys think?


Considering eridian weapons were what COV weapons are now they’d need an overhaul.
I’d be more excited to see E-tech return