Will they ever fix the Phaseslam annointed buffs so they apply to Fracture and Downwell too?

So for some reason they gave Amara 3 variants of Phaseslam yet the only one that can proc Phaseslam anointment buffs is the default one. I don’t even like Downwell (and think it needs several buffs to be viable) but I do prefer Fracture to Phaseslam and it’s basically annoying that I’m handicapping my damage by 300% if I use Fracture. Why?

Have they mentioned that they’re going to change this or will it always be overlooked? As far as I know all of the variants of Phasegrasp trigger Phasegrasp anointments and all the variants of Phasecast trigger Phasecast anointments.

I honestly was expecting this to be patched a while ago but it seems like Gearbox isn’t even aware there’s a problem??


I submitted a bug report early in the month and had this reply:

Thanks to Vault Hunters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect enough info about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working on a fix.

Hopefully it’s not a stock response.

It sounds like on but I hope it isn’t either. I guess I can submit a bug report too.

Still busted.

The same thing happens with Phasegrasp. I have an anointed Q-System where terror skulls are supposed to fly at grasped targets but it doesn’t work with Ties That Bind. It might be that since Amara doesn’t just have augments but different action skills, those other actions skills don’t get the anointments you’d think would apply.

The other Phasegrasp anointments work fine with all grasp-variants.