Will they ever make a new Brother in Arms game? (Baker Squad)

I been a fan of the series since December 26 2005 When I first Had Earn in Blood on the PS2 in Christmas Eve. Best World War 2 game, And when Hell Highway came out. I got even more excited, But Sadly I haven’t gotten a ps3 yet till 2009, So after I beat the games, I was happy and I knew that there will a Brothers in arms game that will be about the battle of the bulge in the Siege of Bastogne, And so I waited, Even when I finally Have steam and bought ALL the Brother in Arms games, I waited and look up to Ubisoft and Gearbox for a new Brother of Arms games about that battle or even about Baker.

And Then they made one… “Brother in Arms Furious 4” After watching the trailer… I never been so disappointed in my life. It was so bad, even old fans dislike and hated it, I don’t think is doesn’t count as a “Brother in Arms” game… just “Furious 4”

I search for news and the last news I heard so far that Gearbox Software is working on a new “authentic” Brothers in Arms game. But that was in July 16, 2015,

So I wonder, Will they ever make a new brothers in arms game? Share your story and tell me what you know.

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Welcome to the club mate :smiley:

Been a fan since its inception back in 2005 on PC.
As for BIA4… That’s what we are all wondering since 2008-2009, no news…yet…they keep saying they haven’t forgotten, but nothing happens, i dont like any of the games GBX is making nowadays, so i dont know what direction they are taking the studio or the BIA series, didnt like Hells-Highway that much and to be honest, even though i want BIA4 made very badly, i dont have much hope it will be like the classic games and they would focus in the casual market.

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Thank you so much.
I swear, BiA is like valve half life 3 . LOL Still, I have hope their gonna make a new one.
Right now as I see it, Maybe is taking so long cause their still studying the siege of Bastogne and maybe the Liberation of Kaufering.

Who knows but I want BiA4 because I want to know what happen to Matthew Baker. Did He made it? Will Corporal Corrion will ever forgive him? Who are the new replacements and IS THERE ANYONE GONNA FREEZE TO DEATH!!

also will the weather will effect the player in action? I have so much fan theory that no one really talks about and is kinda sad to see that their no fan groups I can find in Facebook or Tumblr. So I see why Gearbox is not interested of making one BUT At least finish the story. Because I’m dying, Heck even the Brother in arms wikia is making up dates when they died.

As you can see, I am a huge fan of the series for a long time… Is kinda sad XD Fan of a dead series.

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Welome aboard, Paker!
Alas, I think the only way we’ll ever know about the ending of the second and third squad will be by reading a fanfiction.

If you check an older post, we used to keep track of any news of any upcoming BiA title.
No news since summer 2015.

When there was the old forum, a guy used to write down some fanfictions about the Baker’s squad, back when it was still part of the 502 PIR…
They were pretty good, faithful and perfectly plausible stories…
They have been lost.

It’s an hard time for us, WWII game lovers…
My only hope is that, with battlefield 1, the market of Historical accurate first person shooters will come back to life and, with it, a new chapter of the BiA serie.

Meanwhile, you can play BiA Rth30 and EiB using Rendroc Warzone mods and my weapon texture mod!

Or, you can wait for my CoD 1 mod: CoD United fronts.

(Yes, I named CoD on the Gearbox forum. But I don’t fear to be banned…'cause “All I want to say is that, they don’t really care about us!”)


Thank you for the information and some hope. I will definitely check out some forums fanfiction.

Also about the mods. I have used Rendroc Warzone which I Loved. And is great speaking to a modder too. Haven’t tries the weapon texture mod yet.

Sadly there not alot of mods in both games.
But I do love Rendroc Warzone, even the multiplayer bot Madness of pile of dead bodies non stop.
I wish BiA hell highway is the same but even tho I love the game. It has the worst multiplayer. Like call of duty in 3d combat.

Speaking of call of duty, I have all the world War 2 call of duty too. Even other world War 2 related games like Company of Heroes, World War 2 online, War Thunder, World of Tanks and battlefield 1942-3

I played alot of world War 2 games but brother of arms is still my favorite games in all time, wouldn’t trade it for any game.

Brothers in arms is the type of game that’s so indistinguishable, it remains to memory even after years pass.
Not many games can do that.

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Oh, that true and haven’t thought of that. Good point

I’m sure that many of us here are huge WWII fans. I have a hell a lot of games that fit into the genre but the best one of all times was obviously BIA.

I’ve done a lot of research and discovered that making a BiA games took a lot of time and resources from Gearbox. If I may recall correctly, BiA is one of the hardest game to make if you want everyone to play. It has to be historically accurate and most of all, it has to be fun to play.

They did so well with the first two games but Hell’s Highway ended up reminding me of Call of duty: World at War.

But that not all, if they wish to make the final chapter at Bastogne, it will be difficult because the 101st only went on the defensive mode and never made much of a aggressive attack until they went to Foy to capture it and beyond.

Many FPS shooter have you on the aggressive side and so does BiA. We don’t want to spend ten minutes defending one spot then move to the next location. They should do recon but that pretty much it.

If you want to find something that shows what happened at Bastogne, you should go and watch the six episode of the Band of Brothers.


You make a good point.

Maybe having SP short and try to keep it as unique and true to the events as possible during the battle of Bastogne, maybe adding a bit to the end of the war in Germany, then adding some sort of MP to compensate for the short length?

Or do a full reboot/remake, and re-tell the story as a complete game, D-Day,Market Garden,Bastogne,Germany.

I know both ideas are kind of bad and didn’t put much effort into both of them, but i really want an ending to this series, then maybe they can move on the series to a different setting (i personally want them to stick to WW2)

In any case BIA needs a comeback.


been playing since it came out. when HH was announced i was so excited with the pre rendered trailer and the gameplay demo they showed. the final game was not like the demo but they still made a solid game. i really hope they remember what they originally wanted to do with HH for the next title

If there’s one thing I can agree to this comment, not that I object with anything mentioned, it’s the made up death dates of the characters. It’s a lie, and only thing I can do is to keep it from being put into the Characters’ infoboxes, but it’s inevitable; since one’s gonna put it back without me on watch. I do not mean that I’m the only “guard” in the wiki though, but most are really inactive.

So I just focus on stamping some In-game photo for the characters, usually the generic ones you’ll see in Hill 30, but using their Warzone counterparts for faster “accessibility.”

But then, moving back to what the topic was supposed to be. Same boat man, same boat, most if not all us is still with their hopes of getting a new legitimate Brothers in Arms title, even going as far as making a fan made storyline or fan fiction, if it’s too late to save Allen and Garnett; then maybe there’s still a chance of having our hands into a new BiA title, the one that extends to Baker’s Storyline.

Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato masher.



Having the SP short seems like a really good idea as it will save a lot of resources and makes the game a lot more realistic like it suppose to be but no gamer wants to play a game that is WAY too short.

Take Medal of Honor: Airborne for example; great game, awesome gameplay but it only have seven to eight mission and a good player will literally take an half an hour to beat a single mission. I know that Mikey Neumann desperately wanted to finish the story after all, he’s the one that made the storyline possible. I’m not saying that Hell’s HIghway was bad [honestly, I wanted Franky to die because he was being an idiot] but what make a good game is the good storyline.

Tons of people will think Baker or Corrion is going to die even though they were right that Hartsock is not going to fight anymore.

I think that all I’m going to say here while I go and start a manhunt of finding Earned in Blood for the Xbox.

Long live Brothers in Arms!


Long Live Brother in Arms.

Even though the waiting is killing me, I’m sure gearbox and Ubisoft will work on the game eventually. I just hope I be alive when they make it LOL,
But World war 2 ended was 71 years ago so learning about the plans that took place is easy but the experience and event in it is hard to learn due to the Veteran are the only one that can tell and now there few 855,070 veterans left in 2016.

As I heard in (WW2 In HD) During the battle of the Bulge. Command broke down, morale Broke down, It was every man for himself.
Now think of Baker condition, He slowly losing his mind, And the cold is making it worst, Taking off the dead Soldiers clothes just to be warm must be hard. Is kinda crazy but he have too or he would get frostbites but I’m not a writer so I’m not sure.
Just a theory lol But is not a battle to win anymore, Is a battle of insanity and survival for Baker and his squad, And since is still a strategic game, You have to decide or command Your squad where to defend and even customize them of what to wear or what weapons they can have so they can defend better, And the more warm clothes they have. the more health and accuracy they have so the cold won’t bother them.

Just a thought, :wink:


Ok, ok…
to be clear:
I think that BIA IS SINGLE PLAYER, not a MP game.
Keeping the campaign too short and concentrating on the mp, well…that’s what CoD does.

A reboot?Well…that is the WORST IDEA EVER. Rebooting a series that doesn’t even have a proper ending??
That would be really disappointing.

They want to tell another story? FINE! Just finish Baker’s one and then you can tell another one…maybe about Rangers.

The campaign of HH is a very good campaign. The only flaws that this game have are only about the gameplay. (just to name some of them: Third person perspective when in cover and the poor German AI)


Honestly the only Problem I had with the BiA HH game was the multiplayer. I only played one match in the PS3 and I already hated it and it was the last match too XD. Where was the squad Command? All I had was a free for all one man fight.
Any. I guess I love the game cause is the newest BiA Games game of baker Squad. =v=;

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I usually think here that they should have a better engine like Battlefield 1.

Remembered how GearBox uses Unreal 3 for HH? Well, I’d found out that they have Unreal 4 out right now and it looks a lot better than the previous version. If any of you guys wants to check it out and probably try to change the graphic to make it looks better, than go for it.

As for the idea for the Battle of the Bulge, the way we say it about the survival and the customization really does remind me of Company of Heroes 2 when you try to keep your men alive from the cold.

Already, Baker’s insanity was already put into effect just because of the war and losing men. Red did fare off a lot better than he did after all he didn’t loses half of his squad in Normandy. Baker is just suffering too much from PTSD disorder but he doesn’t wants anyone to know about it.

The 101st didn’t do anything that much when it comes down to fighting for their lives when they weer defending Bastogne then goes on the counter-offensive to re-take some towns later on. If any of you guys ever played some FPS games that you can fight in Bastogne, chances are, they have only one map and that pretty much it.

Gearbox made three goddamn levels about Eindhoven and it gets really boring because we wants to fight somewhere else.

Now to support the idea for Bastogne, here is some of the gameplay and squad command that I’d thought about that could really makes the game a lot funner than the bigger franchise;

Instead of commanding the whole squad, why not ordering one team to flank a position by themselves than have the team leader lead the attack instead of you being right behind them and makes sure they got it right.

More people like the medic and the mortar team will be a great idea and have this squad command on the cycle instead of one at the time.

Increase the AI for both side and makes sure they have realistic body gesture.

MORE dialogue! A battle won’t be a battle without people yelling at each other.

A have more ideas to go but I’ll share them later when I have time.

If anyone have an ideas, they should post them here cause that’s all I got right now.


Thank God we have Rendroc, he pretty much fixed the flanking issue in the first two games.



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The last mention of the game happened with the leak of its name, a month ago, after a strike of dubbing actors … The game is still in development :slight_smile:

How glad to see that other users crave a new title for the franchise. Road to Hill 30 is a video game that has marked me, and I never forgot the final “to be continued” of Hells Highway.

I hope that Ubisoft has accelerated the development, after the success reflected in Battlefield 1 … ¿ will be presented in E3 2017?



Hopefully but I do know that Mr. Pitchford said that making the game is a lot harder than any games that they ever made.

I hope that the game would be done sooner.