Will this be a problem?

I now play my Borderlands stuff on PC, through Steam. But I noticed something a little worrying with my Axton.

It starts fine.

It’s fine here too.

But THIS is the part that worries me.

And in the Downloadable Content, it shows this.

Yet, going to the Steam page and my own library, both of them say I DO have both upgrade packs installed.

Short of reinstalling the entirety of Borderlands 2, I’m worried that this means my Axton won’t be able to go past OP5. I don’t have another character at level 62 yet to test whether the whole level cap upgrade is broken either.

Was this a common issue for anyone that they know how to resolve, or just ‘don’t worry about it’?

that pops up because your using OP gear, even though your still level 72. its annoying but just click through it.

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Popular PC bug I take it?

dont think its a bug, just something that wasn’t removed for op levels. if say your friend drops you a stinkpot but you dont have that dlc, you cant use it. etc.