Will this game survive with this business model?

Hello Battleborn!
I do love battleborn and want to play this game for a long time. That is why i want to discuss the best business modell that gearbox could go with to survive on this marked. As we all know the biggest games releated to this game is LOL, DOTA, Smite, HOTS. CSGO etc. All these games have a free to play buiseness modell (not CS Go but its very cheap). And yeaa, i forgot to mention blizzards new game Overwatch, who pre released the open beta the same day as battleborn launched. How can battleborn compete with blizzard with the same business modell (Buy once 60 euro), the answear is, it can not.
I play this game on PC. on release it was average playerbase of 7-10k, now it is down to 3-7k in just a few days.
What can help? I suggest to make it free to play (ofc make the once who bought the game some nice shit like premium membership/bling/money etc etc). Make it free to play, or at least free to try for maybe 7 days, or free to try but you can only play 5 characters.
Another thing i would suggest is free to play, but making it harder to gain all the heroes, but then again you need to make money so you can sell the all in one heroes package for 20 euro or something. And of course Skins would need to cost some money or boxes with loot. But i would play this game even with this sellout modell, because more players would play it. witch means less que time and much bigger community.

Feel free to comment, this is my opinion, just trying to help.- Anyone with better ideas?



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On topic, I don’t think being a premium game means it is doomed. HOWEVER, I think Battleborn is a game that people need to play to see how much fun it is. At a 60 dollar entry fee, it’s tough to get people to try. I think a trial version might do wonders.


I like it B2P, BB doesn’t need to associate or mimic LoL, Dota, Hots, Smite etc.

If anything, BB needs to distinguish itself even more from those games.

A cheap Multiplayer-Only-Standalone-Battleborn Game for 20-30 bucks could be viable tough

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Well first, take more than two seconds on your proof-read.
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Fifth - stop being so snarky and combative. How they spell or say things is none of your concern. I understood his points just fine. OP cant move it. But i did.

And unless you have something constructive to say, i suggest not commenting.

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I think they can add new heroes and then do like LoL. Have a rotation of heroes that are free to play for a week and if someone wants to they can buy them they can. Or they can wait till they are free to play again.

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Monday Night Combat was more like BB than any traditional moba and it was f2p i think. That game died.

Monday Night Combat was not f2p. Super Monday Night Combat currently is free-to-play though.

That particular game was actually far more fun than Battleborn is right now. The combat felt more polished and less chaotic. TTK was a lot lower as well, so securing kills was actually quite possible.

But battleborn does things better than MNC and SMNC did as well. Having a story mode is already a huge bonus that has been keeping my g/f and I quite busy. She wouldn’t have even played without it and I would probably have grown bored and stopped already as well.

Battleborn also has a very deep, interesting, and entertaining cast of characters. I love the personality in each of the characters, the voice lines they say, etc. I want to play them all just to get their lore, hear what they have to say, etc. And the diversity of all their skill sets, talent trees, etc is wonderful!

What will really come down to whether it will survive or not is probably up to Gearbox. If they are content with the game as it is and decide to just let it run it’s course(probably the safest thing for them to do business-wise) then it will crumble fast. MNC and SMNC suffered the most from a complete lack of updates and content. The game grew boring and stale quickly. I’m hoping Battleborn does not do the same.


Ah, ignore number four. New to the forums here, very sorry.

As for how spelling and saying things is none of my concern, it’s my experience that poorly worded arguments are discarded. Unless Gearbox is forgiving like that, OP won’t be heard too far up.

On my third point, my read-through gave me a lot of suggestions and points, all valid, but without support more than comparisons to other games, it kind of just seems like wishful thinking. Pretentious of me, yes,

Forgive me if I’m snarky, I fail to properly hold myself in check. It is something I work actively upon.

Maybe I’m low in my combativeness, but OP’s proposition is a big one, and those don’t get anywhere without heavy opposition.

If I fail to make peace, forgive me.

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my bad, thanks for the correction

While i would be very sour if they made the game F2P all of a sudden (and I dont think it’ll happen), I can gett behind a free trial version to gett a taste of the title.

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I am very sorry about this. I will delete my posts regarding this and move on my way, thank you.


Honestly I just stopped playing because I don’t like being stuck in 30 minute PvP matches that once someone leaves it’s all over, or if a sucky composition is chosen you’re stuck with it.

I’m not the biggest fan of MOBAs though, so maybe it’s on me.

Also the story mode is just Gears of War horde mode at it’s base.

Thus forth, I find it hard that the game is going to survive in general. But being F2P would probably help.

Plus someone else mentioned, I am a bit concerned why the graphics look worthy of previous gen, that can’t be a good business model. (yes, using out of context here).

Sooo I apologize that some of my points are off topic, but a good business model for next gen games is to make it look like a next gen game, not promise people a story that can’t be understood because it’s told as you play, not call Horde mode/CoD zombie mode a story, etc.

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Stylized graphics are never cutting edge looking.

Paragon has “next gen” looking graphics and I think it’s pretty damn ugly of a game.

Overwatch doesn’t use next gen either, still stylized and simplistic.