Will this games popularity rise?

This game has been out for 5 days now, and I’m loving it, the one thing that I’m worried about is the fact that Borderlands 2 has more current players than Battleborn (PC). Does anybody think this games popularity will rise at all? I really hope it does.

BL2 has been out longer, sold a lot of great DLC and is a great game. Why would anyone stop playing it?

It’s very possible that after the Overwatch beta ends a bunch of people will decide to go for Battleborn. Even though the two games play quite different, they’re constantly compared. On PC this is terrible for Battleborn because overwatch is 20$ cheaper there. The overwatch open Beta on release day is quite a compelling reason to hold off buying Battleborn for a bit. So now it’s fingers crossed people are not convinced by the beta and buy Battleborn instead.

I’ve mentioned this on other threads, and I’ll bring it up again since OP mentioned BL2. Battleborn, as we’re all aware, is a very new and unique product. Its having, I would say, probably about equal success to that of Borderlands 1 when it came out, as that was also a new and unproven concept at the time. The majority of BL1’s success came through word of mouth, and people slowly but surely trying it out and adopting the game. That’s how I got into it, when a friend showed it to me, and that’s how I got my girlfriend hooked on BL2. Bless their hearts, but GBX have never been terribly great at marketing :stuck_out_tongue: Although it might be due to the fact that you have to actually sit down and play the game for an extended period of time to really get hooked. That’s why I’m so glad that they included split-screen, as that’s historically been on of the best word of mouth methods for selling a game to friends. I still split-screen with my girlfriend all the time, and we will couch co-op the HELL out of this game :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a Evolve Player as long a game has over 1000 Players everything works fine :smiley:
And yes I think this game will get more players over the time a lot of ppl waiting for a good offer.