Will this work with Iron Cub?

i might wanna use it with iron cub

It’s the Com from Dlc 4

oh really? must have ignored it because i couldnt use it with auto bear xD
it might have potential now with IC

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You may want to change the title now. I got all excited lol


Yes it does…Moze gets the 100 multiplicative boost, and purple tree revolves around keeping IC up (not consuming fuel, adding fuel, etc)

I want to use it with IB and the new skill tree too, for a piloting setup. Seems crazy as you can basically keep the boost at max.

Also, one question: is it gun damage only or is it global?

It should. Already farmed one up in prep for the tree’s release that plays into my current kit nicely (read: no additional farming needed) for my initial build. ■■■■, I am just excited for the new combat loop!

I haven’t played since Love and Tentacles. I suppose it’s time to start getting back into the game now that I have a Moze tree I’m kind of excited about. I want to break out my Green Monster and see how much fire rate I can get, especially with the extra status effect damage from the new tree.

I just grew bored with always having to use explosives to survive. With the new Biofuel healing combined with Redistribution and Rushin Offensive, I may actually be able to play my super bullet hose, never stop firing Green Monster Moze.

We’ll see how it works in actual practice.

should work but maybe not, if it works likes skills it may not, since the skills are affecting moze not iron bear itself, which is why iron bear with moze inside, has a higher damage output than autobear, since without moze the bear isn’t getting the benefit of skills.

I feel it could go either way, and you’ll just have to wait and see.

while iron cub does gain from certain iron bear skills, we see it is treated differently because of dakka bear. So its possible it could be like other vault hunters now and be treated as a entirely different action skill as far as anoints and class mod bonuses.