Will tps get head hunter packs?

Does anybody know if the devs will be releasing more dlc for the pre-sequel? couldn’t find anything about it on google.

If you want my assumption; I’ll say that there probably won’t be anything else added to games themselves. The Pre Sequel already got it’s DLCs in both Characters and Quests (as mediocre the Holodome was).

Though I won’t dismiss it entirely. Maybe the Devs will have something in store for us.

Anything can happen, but I don’t expect any more DLC for TPS.

Probably a longshot, but maybe a loot hunt event like they did for BL2. I know Pre-sequel has like 30+ fewer legendaries than BL2 but it could still be done maybe.

Would be amazing to add more content to the game
I sincerely hope that more DLC will come out for the game,
but unfortunately I don’t believe that will be the case.

If I remember correctly, I think it was stated from the outset
the Season Pass would include ALL DLCs planned for the game
and all 4 are now released so… i would say its probably not happening :frowning:

Something tells me there will be something else for the pre sequel. I think three big head hunter packs would be awesome. Each has two new bosses,some new heads and skins, and a couple new weapons. Im really wishing there will be more content.

Gimme a raid boss and some sort of Digistruct Peak setup and I’ll be happy.

I think there could be one more campaign dlc (they’ll charge for won’t be in the season pass), since bl3 is in such early stages they would probably give us something to do in the meantime.

I’d rather have a campaign than headhunter packs myself. Even if there were 3 hh packs I’d rather have a campaign of moderate size (like torques campaign in bl2).

I doubt it since 2k Australia got shut down