Will trade cloning ghast call for transformer with 5% health regen on ASE

I’ve been farming this forever and I can’t get it lol

I have it , transformer 5% regen at the end of action skill.

add me jotheking on PSN iif you want to trade . Thanks

@willbenoit919 one of my friends gave me one yesterday but thanks anyway:)

any chance you would offer me cloning as curious to test it and I only got normal one as not seen cloning one yet ? also does ghast call only come normal and cloning I guess ?

Yeah normal, roided and cloning, I’ll trade it bc I don’t use it that often

never seen cloning one drop but seen 2 normal ghast calls before as still got to farm a cyro and corrosive fearmonger to complete the shotgun set

I was lucky bc my friend sent me one, he got two to drop lol

lucky but my psn is silentrabbit003 is you wanna send me over a cloning and probly pay you back someway as like the ghast call for my corrosive grenade choice :stuck_out_tongue: