Will trade for a dastardly Maggie anointed for rakk attack and rakk pak class mod

Will trade anything I have for annointed 100percent damage rakk attack Maggie and a rakk pak mod for fl4k.

I have both of those. Do you have anything from here?

• Dictator x6 (Fire, Shock and Corrosive) - Bonus Damage and Reload Speed on Kill
• Lyuda (Fire, Corrosive and Cryo) - Bonus Crit while Terrified
• Night Hawkin - Bonus Cryo while Terrified
• Storm Front - Bonus Fire Rate and Damage while Terrified
• Ice Breaker Deathless - Mag size, Cryo Damage and SMG Damage

Like 2 vaults I would have to check here at send me a friend request on PSN BADAZZ_PSYCHO

Just shoot me a friend request and I’ll check when I get home


Messaged you on psn

Hey, I have a nighthawkin gain increased crit damage while terrified, I have a corrosive dictator after fl4k uses attack command their pet does 50% fire damage, I have a radiation dictator gain ammo regen while terrified, i have a shock quasar with increased damage and fire rate, I have a fire and cryo lyuda but they’re not anointed.

If you still have the maggie and fl4ks com, let me know if you want to trade