Will trade just about anything I have for a wedding invitation

Either ase or fl4k annointed. I have a nose annointed one and a ase poly

What level 53 stuff ya got?

What is your GT?

I got one with the next two mags are corrosive on ase, any good?

Hell yes that’s good! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll have to look. Not going to lie. 90% of my stuff is 50. But I’ve got probably 15 legendaries at 53

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I have a wedding invitation.
Do you have lv 1 stop gap shield with health regen or bloodletter mod with health regen?
My gamertag is faxanadonuts.

I have a Wedding Invitation with 50% Critical after Rakk Attack.

I’d be willing to trade it for a good lvl 50 artifact for basically any character.

Interested? If so what do you have for artifacts?