Will trade level 50 legendaries for sham and or infinity

I have conference call Maggie bit** and others will be willing to trade 3-4 legendaries for sham or infinity gamer tag is KangaroSmoothie

It might help you get a better response if you list the level of items you want as well as the level of the items you’re willing to trade…

I want to trade level 59 legendaries for level 50 sham and or infinity

are you still looking to trade, ive got a level 50 shock infinity and an 83% sham shield

Definitely. I will be on today. I have a conference call a Maggie a veruc a longbow a slagga and a black hole all up for grabs. I will be on today at around 10 am my gamertag is KangaroSmoothie

i wasnt able to spend much time online today, sorry, what timezone are you in? im in U.S. eastern time

edit… my gt is doomkiller7

edit edit lol… i have a bad habit of leaving my xbox on and signed in and just switching to watch tv