Will trade my soul (or God roll Zane gear) for a specific Otto idol!

In dire need of either a flesh melter, berzerker or snowdrift (preferred) Otto idol with smg damage (preferred) or areo of effect damage and movement speed increase.
In return other than my soul I have the following to offer at lvl 53
Seein dead: smg damage, weapon damage and magazine size increase with 2 in donnybrook 1 in violent violence 2 in playing dirty.
Seein dead: weapon critical damage, shotgun damage and smg damage with 2 in violent violence 2 in playing dirty 1 in donnybrook.
Spiritual driver: Hyperion weapon critical damage, action skill cool down rate and shotgun damage with 1 point in clarity, 2 in helping hands and 2 in mindfulness.
Kyb’s worth x2 44 size magazine corrosive/shock with 125% incendiary damage for next magazines after exiting iron bear.
Kyb’s worth x2 44 size magazine fire/corrosive with 160% splash damage after exiting iron bear for 18 seconds.
Redistributors shock, cryo and radiation 38 magazine with 100% cryo while SNTL is active.
Redistributors fire and corrosive 48 magazine with 100% cryo while SNTL is active.
Cutsmans fire, shock and corrosive with 100% cryo while SNTL is active.
I have loads of SNTL shields and ase ones to plus cmt with ogt plus lots more so please if anyone has this Otto idol and is willing to trade contact me asap.
Also looking for a lvl 53 blast master with splash damage, smg damage and weapon damage.

Does the artifact need to be LV 53 or will 50 work for you?

Nah it needs to be 53… I’m an anal retentive perfectionist I know…

I have a L53 Snowdrift Otto with smg dmg but it does not have speed.

What are the other rolls?

+18 smg
+28% Melee
+27% Weapon accuracy

Oh nah definitely not beneficial to moze lol

Didn’t think so hehehe.

I have snowdrift deathless- 15% reload speed, 18% incendiary , 18% corro
Snowdrift otto- 44% mag size, 193 hp regen, 23 cooldown rate

Appreciate it theeo but not what I need

Snowdriftdrift Otto Idol with
Mag Size
Shield recharge delay
…but lvl 50

No thanks I need lvl 53 with both smg damage and movement speed increase unless it’s a berzerker otto idol then just the smg damage


Bump… damn it’s been quiet around here over the weekend can see tumbleweed rolling across the forum…

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Have seen your post and will keep an eye on any artifact I will find on next runs :wink:

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