Will we ever be avle to see our ELO?

Will we ever be able to what our “ranking” is and other players? I am morbidly curious.


I really really want this as well!

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Not sure there’d be much use for it until they have a proper ranked/ladder system. It would be nice to know, I agree, but there will always be the minority that insult/abuse lower ELO score players. Maybe if they showed our score without making it public?

Yeah I was think of something like the smite version where you can find it on a website by typing your GT. Nobody really looks up their random team mates. But you can find your friends as well and compare that would be quite fun.

The problem with this idea is people will look up their teammates ELO during matchmaking. If they are matched with people with scores they consider ‘too low’ or against people with scores they consider ‘too high’, they will drop out before the match even starts. This happens in other games where ELO is available via a public API / mobile or web app. So in the end it just provides another reason somebody quits a match unfortunately.

If they do show it, it should definitely be private, as in your ELO is only visible to you.