Will we ever get to fight the last Vault Monster?

I am curious if this will be a thing. Maybe make it a raid boss? I noticed on my 3rd playthough the vault you go in to on Nekrotafeyo is called “The Vault of the Serpent” . Possible innuendo aside I wondered if this was simply a gag referencing the Typhon Log in the area. Even if they just make it all a huge joke I would probably still enjoy seeing what they come up with.


This would be amazing for gameplay purposes, and it could be made canon too.

Typhon said it had seven heads, and its vault of course is knows as The Vault of the Serpent. With ancient Greek civilisation and mythology having such a big influence on the nomenculture of the Borderlands universe, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that this is a reference to the Lernaean Hydra.

Vault monsters are already hard enough to kill, as we saw with The Rampager. I wonder if The Warrior and Sentinel are truly dead? Hmm anyway… And the hydra is hard to kill too in that if one head is cut off, two would grow to replace it. Perhaps “The Serpent” is not dead, perhaps it regenerated and escaped the opened vault. Maybe it grew, and grew many heads, and maybe just maybe someone from GBX should be reading this because I’m pitching a canon future raid boss for BL3.


I’m gonna keep going with this. It would have at least seven heads, of course. Each head would be a crit location, and have its own life bar, that sustains about 10-12% of the monster’s max health. If you destroy a head, after a time it will begin to regenerate, keeping somewhat true to lore and also increasing the difficulty and danger of this atrocious creature. This would encourage strategy and teamwork like never before, and make this a truly revoltingly challenging enemy.

People will complain, like they always do, but this is a raid boss we’re talking about here. Endgame, the peak challenge. Make it hard like Terra and OG Craw and the Dreaded Dragons of Dread.

GBX are you reading this!?

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Sounds not at all fun… But you did say it’s a raid boss, so that’s appropriate.

The “seven heads” bit made me immediately think of the beast from the book of Revelation.

I could be mistaken, but I think typhon said he and leda already killed the monster “once”. So, I actually was thinking I’d have to fight it. 7 heads?! That sounds like a fight similar to terramorphous and his whippy eye ball tentacle thingies. Fun!:grin: I’d be really cool to see it come back as a raaaaaaaaid boss sick guitar riff:grin:

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I am thinking that it is a Raid boss.