Will we ever see a day where people don't mod in BL games?

Will it ever get patched? I know modded guns for patched, but I joined a game last night from someone that was on my friends list because he sent me an invite, and as soon as I stepped in my level 40 legit character turned to 72. I had no chance to quit either since it saved as soon as he did that. People like him really really ruin my online experience.

unless gearbox starts hosting the save files server side, online only, then no.

Well that’s lame

Well, Gearbox didn’t want to impose online-only on everyone. That whole flexibility/vulnerability axis is a tricky thing to balance.

I do recall botman making hypothetical enquiries about what people on the old forum thought of server-side saves, but not in relation to any particular game, so that might change at some point in the future, but this is purely speculative.

on the flip side, that’s where a big chunk of testing comes from.

I understand that pretty much every online game (including on consoles) has cheaters and modders, but it’s been happening on BL games since the first, which sucks because I love this game

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When hell freezes over.

The biggest concern about modded gear/BAR is the potential to ruin other people’s savegames. I haven’t experienced it firsthand considering I solo 99% of the time, but there are cases of gear that make other peoples savegames worthless.

And don’t get me started on the dreaded Graveyard bug that was circulating for awhile.

That’s my fear too. Soloing sounds good but when you’re trying to farm the raid boss dragons, soloing it is a guaranteed death.

Soloing the raid bosses is not a guaranteed death… For any of the characters… More likely than others sure but I’ve solo’d and watched others solo the Raids with characters not related to El Salvador. To your OP that’s the risk you take when joining another’s game. Is it annoying,? Damm right. Will it EVER go away? Not very likely