Will we get free next gen upgrades?

Being able to play 4K/60fps with no texture pop-in and almost no loading would possibly make me get back into this game once it is finally out of beta testing later this year. Most games built around continued play like Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege are getting free patches. Hopefully 2K doesn’t try to charge us like they are doing again with GTAV.

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If next gen consoles get backwards compatibility thered be no reason to recharge.

Most of the bugs xbox players have would vanish.

ofc no lol , it will definitely charge extra for being on next gen


They will only hurt themselves if they do. Very anti-consumer stance when games like Cyberpunk 2077 and others will for free. Should be implemented exactly like a PS4 Pro patch.

idk , older games charge 10 dollar to upgrade to ps4 from ps3 , like bf4

Thats Ea games the greediesy company around…

So greedy disney threatend to pull star wars out n theyre finally acting decent… But only for star wars… Theyves essentially ruined their other non sports n fps franchises

I hope this is the case. My worry is that newer, bigger, badder bugs will emerge. I hope I’m wrong though!

Hardware limitations and different optimization for Xbox kills Xbox.

Whats the xbox dev kit equal to? A GeForce gtx 680 ?

We’re at 2080 rtx now. That many generations of numbers passed.

Playstation 4 is beyond versatile though. Itsa complicated magical lil box but unreal doesnt die on it. A think a ps kits more like a recent low 900 series.

I dunno its been awhile since i looked at that stuff. Im sure someone could school me up to date later cuz im behind.

Anyways all next gen Hardware is Custom AMD so we know itll easy to develop for and optimize.

Probably the best generation yet. Oh man i wanna get back into making elderscrolls mods again now.

Waiting for next gen hardware first

Might be backwards compatible, but if you are gonna get it separately for the next Gen, I don’t think it’s gonna be free. What I could imagine happening would be a discount for a few days, like the one when the game was released on Steam.

The new XBox should run the current version out of the box. Theoretically, the game should only need a small patch to add the 4K/60fps option to the existing choices you get on XB1X or S. I haven’t read much about the PS5, but MS have already committed to full backwards compatibility - even for 360 and original XBox games.

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Gearbox should give everyone who bought the game on Xbox/PS4 a free upgrade for next gen if they make a GOTY edition to make up for all the crap we are experiencing at the moment. Won’t happen but it would be nice!

They need to fix it for this gen first

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Microsoft cannot dictate to 3rd parties whether next gen upgrades will be free or not. Both consoles will be backwards compatible with this current gen. It’s up to the publisher. Cyberpunk 2077 and Destiny 2 will get a complete next gen overhaul for free on PS5/XSX. So will Madden and FIFA 2021. GTAV won’t. Any game that doesn’t should be dragged.

My point was more that I’m not sure the game will need much of an upgrade for the new XBox - if it can run the game smoothly at 4K AND 60 fps simultaneously, it will already be ahead of the current gen versions. So I’m not sure what GBX would add beyond that option that would benefit only those using the new console? The thing that would really open the game up would be true cross-play and making it a Windows play-anywhere title. I don’t see any of those as being things that would justify a separate package/price.

The game can’t even run that on a PC

That would enough with better FOV

PC is irrelevant. It obviously won’t be at the highest possible graphics settings which is probably what you are referring to.

4K 60FPS Is what I’m referring to. If a modern computer running an i9 with a 2080ti still hiccups with this game, what would make you think that the next gen consoles are gonna fare any better? It isn’t optimized was my point.

It might be possible, either by being optimized hardware or by lowering some settings such as detail distance.

You are saying a PC with those specs cannot run this game at 4K/60fps with console settings? That is definitely had optimization. I would be fine checkerboard 4K or some other non-solution. Or even 1440p/60fps with high settings. Just improve it massively over the crap performance we have now.