Will we get patch notes?

will there be a patch notes to what got changed from open beta to launch in 2 days?

I would love to know what got change so we can read and discuss


In the past, Gearbox have done their very best to highlight what they’ve changed in every step of the process.

I don’t know whether there will or won’t be some form of changelog, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if there was.


When they patched the Beta they listed it all on their support page, I imagine they will do the same for every patch.

but this is a bit different its going from beta closing to game launch

The place where they posted it wasn’t labelled “Battleborn Beta”, but just “Battleborn”. I’m sure they will continue to use it a launch and onward for patch notes.

im not sure you are understand what im asking.

im not asking once game is launched and getting patch notes as the game is live and what changes during once the game is live

but i would like a patch note of what changed between the beta closing to official release of the game.

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In the past, the patch notes were released a VERY short while prior to the patch. If there were to be a changelog release on the opening day, with a first day patch, then they’d hold off until they’re certain no changes would be made for a while.

We’ve got less than 48 hours to go, but I don’t doubt they’re still smoothing a thing or two over.

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I do hope we can get patch notes.

as a community it be great to discuss these changes, even if small many of us here have brought up great ideas to help make the game better

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Again, I’m just guessing here; but I bet we’ll be in the loop the entire time.

What I can assure you of;

The community’s desires are very often reflected as a consensus in the patches released by this company. More so than any I’ve seen in my experience.


I am understanding what your saying and I’m saying I believe you’ll see that information there day one after the game has officially launched.