Will we have personal ranks on competitive multiplayer like silver/gold

hello every 1 im a huge fan of gearbox since border… i cant wait to this game comes out and ive already preordered for ps4. i love how the game looks so far (i watched every single gameplay posted anywere) myself im very competitive in every game i play and i wonder if theres gonna be somekind of personal rank like sbronze\silver/gold . Thx and Sorry for my bad english hope u understand,

I believe you will have a character levels and command levels (player based levels as opposed to character levels). I’m not sure if there will be anything else besides this.

thx kalei… i wish they do make some sort of personal rank…

Well, there may also be some other hidden ranking system that we know nothing about. As I said, I’m not sure/I don’t know.

There was mention in one of the developer videos that your rank will unlock special titles that you can use to taunt your friends with. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

Would be great if there is a ranking system like in all the other mobas!! That’s the best way to competitive gaming

100% agree,

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