Will we not get "sub-categories" too?

(Jake Armitage ) #1

do we get a "fan art"section? or “Alien universe” section to discuss other aliens related things (movies, books, Alien: Isolation). Or a “News” section?

I’d hate to post something under the Aliens section and get a knee-jerk demerit for posting in the wrong spot. Or is the “Legacy” sections international waters?

(Influencer Guy) #2

For now, consider it an “Aliens General Discussion” forum and if there’s a need to expand in the future, we’ll look into it. Totally open to the idea provided there’s a need for it.

(Jake Armitage ) #3

Aye aye, captain!

(Damien Azreal) #4

The majority of A:CM discussions can fall into one category these days.
The only thing I see possibly needing it’s own sub-forum would be a tech support section. But, SEGA cutting support has limited the possibilities.

Still, this group is dedicated and great at providing help. :slight_smile: Anyone who comes across an issue should be able to find help here.