Will you acknowledge that you

Will you acknowledge that you chased off a lot of fans because of m2 . My friends and myself have stop playing bl3 with all the nerfs to characters and fomo events then to nerf the weapons a week after the event . And now we have m2 with stupid and just plan weird mods that was the straw that broke us .

You have done horrible things to a great game and you chased off devoted fans all for a stupid mode nobody even thought of or thought of asking for .


i think they realized it
we are loud enough

are you sure though I wonder some times tbh

I mean they have to see the numbers better than we do. If steam charts are anything to go by; BL2 is literally in direct competition by a span of only HUNDREDS of players at this point in comparison to BL3 with a fresh piece of content which is mind blowing.

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I thought I didnt miss UVHM and OP levels, now I do.


lol you’re not the only one

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It seems They dont care their response is more slide and airborne anoints and only 8 smgs buffed.

Airborne really only helps in low gravity places. Which is gaurdian takedown +asteroid… Slides very short not every weapon can be sbot during slide.
Oh and a upcoming dlc will have jump pads so that somehow justifies it?

I feel honestly after all this time and feedback feel they dont. I dont even think they like the game or care about the playerbase. N i been trying to stau positive. I just farmed for a skeksil off skrakk or whatever. Dude dropped every legendary item in the game and barrage. Lootpools are messed up.

So ur really only limited to farming a few bosses.
Game has little to do or play with weapon wise.
Even with 3 ase’s ripping i found most legendary gear hard to kill basic enemies.