Will you fix the HP glitch?

Playing XBOX ONE version. I have less HP and not abled to ger health packs.

Are you playing Moze? If so, do you have Thin Red Line, or a COM boosting it? (20% health reserved per rank in that skill)
If no points there, or if playing anyone else, are you using the Front Loader shield? (60% health reserved)
Or, finally, are you using the Deathless relic? (reserves all but 1hp)

If any of those are true, it’s not a glitch.

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Yes. So I have just reset my points?

Depends on which of them is true.

If you’ve invested in TRL then yes.
If you’ve just got a COM boosting it, then you need rid of that COM.
If you’ve both invested and used a COM you need to remove both.
If using the Front Loader, use a new shield.
If it’s the Deathless relic, find another one.

Thanks. I used something that would not come to this and look at perk in the future. I reset my points. I think the thin red line is POS of a perk.