Willing to farm you a weapon for free

Im feeling nice this week I will farm you any weapon you want but no cobra, or infinity and only up to level 50 cause I don’t own both of the level packs.

the infinity is literally one of the easiest weapons to get

yeah no not from do mercy ive farmed him 4 hours straight didn’t get one.

If Cryonic dosnt want to farm a particular weapon, that is his business.

Thank you.

I don’t remember asking him to?

Can you farm the Maggie for me? I want it for a level 40. Also can I get a level 40 Infinity.

My GT is TacticCase

I’m looking for lvl 50 conference call I’m playing at the mechcromancer named Mayi I’m all so looking for a infinity if know anyone that one to spare plz let me know who will ya thanks

Hey Cryonic. I am only level 37 Maya and am in dire need of ANY legendary weapons you could get for me .my gamer tag is soonerfanatic1 . thanks I’m on line almost all the time

OP hasn’t posted since March 25th, and that was more than 6 months ago. So, he most likely isn’t providing this service anymore.

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When I get back in town I’ll check my banks I think I might have some things that are your level.

I can/will ck also, depends on what time zone your in, I play 9pm to about 1am EST