Willing to help fellow vault hunters

-I’ve played borderlands a lot and am looking for people to play with as well as things to do inside of bl2. Im willing to power level(not all the way from 1-72) but at least 20 levels or so, helping people with getting through OP levels, farming, or just playing the story missions, even start a new character.

-If you do need power leveling or runs through the peak though, I only ask that you return the favor, either by dropping/trading loot, helping me get some OP levels etc… but if we’re having fun its not at all necessary.

-My characters range from level 7 to 50 to 72, OP 8, and i have tons of loot to trade among these different levels.

-If you’re interested please respond to this post, or better message me on xbox live : Crispychiken x

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