Willing to help people out in main story or power level: Borderlands 2

Ive got a level 72 of each class, some I have a couple of each, so hit me up and let me know what you need. My gamer tag is: Snatch Beef

Could u power level me

First of all thanks that you are willing to help people speed up the process :smile:
Hope you have time next week.
Added you My GT=mikesavelkoul

Could use some help with some level 65 to 72 gear if possible. My gt is Sover3ignRAZOR and I’m on most evenings after 8pm EST. Thanks.

Id like some help with power leveling. Im on anywhere between 12pm-10pm cst. Whenever you got the chance message me here on on xbl: UK EQUALS TRASH thanks in advance:)

Looking for general good game playing on bl2 am down for anything/trying to lvl up my classes Lvl 34 commando, lvl 46 assassin gt: Shape Shifter26

Can someone please power level me? My gt is “wind assists”

Plz lvl gt woodinghal

i would appreciate some help leveling up. Gamertag: Digitamer

Could you power level me please GT son of aitchy

You still power lvling people? I got a lvl 33 mechro id like to at least get to 50. My gamertag is aawingmanaa

Can you get me to 72?

anyone on here willing to help me, if im not too late xD need only about 4 levels

If you could I would highly like that Gt is tha Danester