Willing to Power Level or help w/about anything

I have all DLC’s and Headhunter Packs

I do have a mic

What I will help with in a Nutshell

  1. I will Power Level SOME (meaning if your feeling under leveled I will PL you up several levels like 20 to 28 or 68 to 72, just dont want to spend my whole evening PL’ing)

  2. Need help with a boss battle (cept GEE) I will come in Bump him off then leave. (UVHM enemies scale to highest player, so I leave A.S.A.P. after the Boss or Raid is Killed)

  3. Love running story/dlc missions, will come in w/closet to your level toon I have or even willing to start a new toon.

  4. Help with any farming you need at any Level (NVHM, TVHM, & UVHM) any Boss, any Raid (again except for Gee). I do have several W.E.P. runs available at all levels (Note: No and I mean NO Echo’s are to be picked up in W.E.P., if that happens the game will be ended A.S.A.P. and you will not be invited back)

  5. OP level Runs (72 to OP 8), Note; will not do 4 to 8 unless there is a full team and EVERYONE pulls their weight
    and no Low Level friends just needing xp, that just increases the work load.
    And if I feel someone is just looking for a free ride and not pulling their weight, then I will leave.

  6. Have also been running Story/Side missions (NVHM, TVHM mostly) Nightly and running them OPEN to anybody, so anyone is welcome to join. I only ask that whatever mission I put up is what we do or I kick whoever is trying to divert the game. to something other then finishing off the missions.

Time when I am on the xbox and best ways to contact me -

  1. Always on every night between 8pm and 1am Eastern Standard Time (that’s 1am to 5am UK Time or GMT -4) Never Varies

  2. you may leave a message here , but you will get a quicker response by sending a message only, especially when I am playing on the Xbox (every night between 8pm and 1am), the only way at that time to get a response from me is to send a message by Xbox Live only

“NO FRIEND REQUESTS” , I Delete them unless we have played the game a few times and get along or I have asked for them

also when sending message s to me on xbox, if I open your message and ck your profile and it says “OFFLINE” chances are I will delete it and move on to the next person, so please note in your message if that’s how you play.

Also, my services are only available on XBOX at this time, I do not have XBOX ONE

GT - LunaticOne
Commando - OP 8 / Siren -OP 8 / Mechromancer - OP 8 / Psycho- 72 /
Gunzerker - OP 8 / Assassin - 45 / + 50 other Toons at Various levels

BadAss Rank 561,000

Note on Power Leveling

I use the “Bar Room Brawl” in Torgues C.o.C. DLC. So that DLC is needed for me to PL you.

Hey I’m a level 61 looking to get to 72 I know its a lot but I was hoping you could help. I have all the dlcs no headhunters though. I would really appreciate it!

Gt- HockeyOBrien

Hey im wondering if you can help me get some seraph crystals im on tvhm with a level 56 zero and i would like to farm some raid bosses for seraph crystals

The only place to farm Seraph Crystals on TVHM is the Eridium Slots in Flamerock in Tiny Tinas DLC, the raids will only drop them in UVHM

message me your GT on xbox and I will see what I can do. Also note that if I come up with something so you can collect some and your offline when I message, then you are out of Luck. So ck my times that I am on carefully.

This is an addon for my post above on Power Leveling;

Added condition for #1 dealing with Power Leveling
1a. if you want power leveled, you must have “Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage DLC” , otherwise it’s just not happening as XP from respawnable bosses in the main game is low

Cant I just join you in a uvhm game and get them that way?

Hey can you power lvl me to 61 from 56. I have tongues doc but I haven’t unlocked that part on this char so id have to join a game of yours if that’s possible.

My GT is: obp59

Thanks for the time

Bump and updated BA Rank

3/26 edit: will be playing the new BL TPS DLC that just came out for the next few days, so will only have time for several days to power Level anyone more then a couple of levels

Hello, I have a level 61 siren on TVHM and a new Zerker level 47 i am power leveling on Pyro pete’s bar. I am wondering if you would be willing to help me farm for the norfleet and some of the legendary class mods. They are for the Zerker who has not done any of the TVHM play through. So i know you like to play missions and if you are down and have time of course i would enjoy doing some missions with the new zerker. Not sure if a complete playhtough is something you would be down with. I have read your terms and times. The times seem to match mine quite well. Please let me know.


do have several Toons between level 45 and 54 that can run with your zerker on missions, or even an OP8 zerker that I use to Power Level People with, if you just want Power Leveled. Just send a message on Xbox. I am assuming that your GT is the same as Forum name

Sorry should have more time starting tonight. Between Power Leveling my toons and others, running the Claptastic DLC and helping several with the final boss in BL TPS newest DLC, been a little short on time.

I’ll ck first thing to see if you are on tonight when I log into Xbox

Edit; Bump and Note Please Read the first post of mine for the time that I am available to help

I have a lvl 55 commando and am looking for help with pyro Pete invincible on tvhm to farm for shreddifier specifically (last time it checked he did drop that). But really anything would be all right. But I was curious to know that if you are to help me if I needed 2 other players so we could make it 4 players or if just me and you is all right or not. But regardless I’d love your help. Also I do have a mic as well

ok, if still need help send me a message on xbox

Also a add on note to everyone.
At this time my services are only available on XBOX 360, I do not have a XBOX ONE at this time

I am trying to get to 72 and sent a friend request but your friend list is full

just send a message no FR’s,\

Edit 4-28-2015
Bump and
playing a lot in TPS lately , but send a message on Xbox 360 and I will help where I can
Edit: updated BA Rank

Can you power level me from 50 to 60?

Hey can you lvl me up once from 60 to 61

yes to both, just send me a message (NO FR’s) and if you are on when I am , then I will send an invite and power level you

instead of a new post will use this to,
Bump and have been playing Defiance a lot lately (for a change of pace), but if anyone needs Help or powerleveling, I will be more then happy to help.

Can you PL me from 55 to 60 plz