Willing to power level! PC ONLY!

Hey, I am going to be helping people power level on PC! My steam name is |FG| Spl4sh. If you do not want to download a save but want to get power leveled just message me. I am not on right now, but I am on most of the time. BTW, I will be doing the Pyro Pete’s bar method on OP8.

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Hey! I was wondering if you could powerlevel my siren to level 25, so that I can play with my friends. My Steam name is Le Toucan, and if you could get back to me asap, that would be fantastic. Thanks :slight_smile:

hey! iam willing to say yes! i can farm legendaries for u!

Could you power level me? my steam id is mike.ford75

hey can u help me my name is rapidvan or rapidvan1 on steam

can u help me my name is murphyriley

Could you help me? My steam is mikeythewikey, if that doesn’t work try therealnoodles. Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you help me my steam is emyreanhero if not try http://steamcommunity.com/id/dsfd531/
Thanks a lot :smile:

if you can i need to powerlevel a Zero to lvl 30 or 50, if you can add me

Steamuser: Keronage

thx in advance

Are you still helping people powerlevel? Because I could use some help levelling. My steam name is Sephitor.

Hey! can you power level my siren please? My steam name is Kyuubi ツ, I’ll add you

if your still powerleveling id like to get some help my steam name is Lucafi :slight_smile: