Willing to trade for good Ogre(OP8)

Couldnt find Ps4 trading post and looking for decent Ogre. Ive ran Murderlins temple (round 6)53 time so far today alone with no drop. First time Ive asked for actual help. Please add Esword330 and send message if interested. Im sure I can find something worthwhile. Really want this for my Krieg. Thanks.

P.s. yeah Ive killed him ery time with No drop…

56 kills. 0 Ogre drops.

Rngeebs a bit.

Plus side Ive got dozens of purple MMs.

I have a couple at op8. Different prefixes. I know for sure one is “nasty”. I can be online tomorrow afternoon around 330 Pacific time. If you are still interested, send message on PSN. Name is same.

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Word thanks!

73 kills. Dropped into the stairs and fell thru the floor.

Frustrating is an understatement.